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As a reader I like to hear more from writers about their writing etc. so decided to introduce this new The Write Stuff with... feature where authors can talk about anything... well so long as it's loosely writing related.  I'm hoping that readers will find the pieces interesting and informative.

If you're an author who'd like to write a feature, please contact me via the contact form that can be found on the home page.

February 2018

Rebecca Bradley
Sarah Hawkswood
Zoe Miller
Maddie Please

January 2018

Michele Campbell
Laura Madeleine
Cara Hunter

December 2017

Rachel Sargeant
Virginia Moffatt

November 2017

Peta Rainford
Katey Lovell
Maggie Christensen
Hazel Gaynor

October 2017

Sam Carrington
Sarah Hilary
Sarah Bennett
Carol Thomas

September 2017

Liz Hedgecock
Nikola Scott

August 2017

Karen King
Jennifer Joyce
Holly Seddon
Katie Marsh

July 2017

Rachel Dove
Hannah Doyle

June 2017

Julia Roberts 
Grace Lowrie
Kim Izzo
Caroline Roberts

May 2017 (Crime Fiction month)

Sinead Crowley
Tina Seskis
Chris Lloyd 
Samantha Wood
Lev D. Lewis
Kerensa Jennings
Amanda Reynolds
Janet Pywell
Rachel Ward

April 2017

Tarn Richardson
Zygmunt Miloszewski
Eve Devon
Eve Seymour

March 2017

Daisy James
Laura Madeleine 
Thomas Enger
G.J. Minett
Annabelle Thorpe

February 2017

January 2017

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