Thursday, 27 July 2017

Books Read: Give Me the Child by Mel McGrath

An unexpected visitor.

Dr Cat Lupo aches for another child, despite the psychosis which marked her first pregnancy. So when Ruby Winter, a small girl in need of help, arrives in the middle of the night, it seems like fate.

A devastating secret.

But as the events behind Ruby’s arrival emerge – her mother’s death, her connection to Cat – Cat questions whether her decision to help Ruby has put her own daughter at risk.

Do we get the children we deserve?

Cat’s research tells her there’s no such thing as evil. Her history tells her she’s paranoid. But her instincts tell her different. And as the police fight to control a sudden spate of riots raging across the capital, Cat faces a race against time of her own…

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Emma's Review: The Forgotten Family of Liverpool by Pam Howes

Reviewed by Emma Crowley

It’s 1951 and rationing is finally coming to an end. But while Liverpool is recovering from the ferocity of war, a family is about to be torn apart…

Dora Rodgers is adjusting to a new life in Liverpool with her young daughters Carol and Jackie. After the fear of the war years and a difficult break up with her husband Joe, Dora is finally building a future with her children.

But then an unexpected knock at the door rips her family in two. 

To Dora’s horror, Carol is taken away by a welfare officer to live with Joe. She is determined to fight for her child, but when a tragic accident leaves her mother in hospital, and shocking news from Joe breaks her heart again, she struggles to cope. 

With her family in pieces and her marriage over for good, will Dora ever manage to get her daughter Carol home where she belongs?

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Books Read & Giveaway: District Nurse on Call by Donna Douglas

West Yorkshire, 1926

After completing her training in Steeple Street, Agnes Sheridan is looking forward to making her mark as Bowden's first district nurse, confident she can make a difference in the locals’ lives.

But when Agnes arrives, she’s treated with suspicion, labelled just another servant of the wealthy mine owners. The locals would much rather place their trust in the resident healer – Hannah Arkwright.

And when the General Strike throws the village into turmoil, the miners and their families face hunger and hardship, and Agnes finds her loyalties tested.

Now it’s time to prove whose side she is really on and to fight for her place in the village...

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Books Read: The Nurses of Steeple Street by Donna Douglas

Welcome to the district nurses’ home on Steeple Street, where everyone has a secret…

Ambitious young nurse Agnes Sheridan had a promising future ahead of her until a tragic mistake brought all her dreams crashing down and cost her the love and respect of everyone around her. Now she has come to Leeds for a fresh start as a trainee district nurse. But Agnes finds herself facing unexpected challenges as she is assigned to Quarry Hill, one of the city’s most notorious slums. Before she can redeem herself in the eyes of her family, she must first win the trust and respect of her patients and fellow nurses.

Does Agnes have what it takes to stay the distance? Or will the tragedy of her past catch up with her?

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Emma's Review: Reinventing Susannah by Joan Brady

Reviewed by Emma Crowley

A big bereavement. An empty nest. And a runaway husband. 

Susannah Stevens hopes that whoever said bad things come in threes got it right, because she can't cope with much more going wrong in her life.

She finds herself a job as a freelance 'Mind Body and Spirit' correspondent, meets a self-styled guru who thinks she needs liberating from more than just an empty nest, and learns that sometimes all you can do is go with the flow of life. 

Susannah's boss, Katie Corrigan, is young enough to be her daughter. She has always played by the rules in order to further her career, but when she too discovers there are some things she just can't control, she has to reassess all she thought she knew.

In a fast-moving year of crisis and reinvention, each woman has to figure out what to do when her Plan A falls apart - and she never dreamt she'd need a Plan B.

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The Write Stuff with... Rachel Dove

Today it's my pleasure to be handing over the blog to author Rachel Dove to talk about her top tips for writing a series, book 2 in her series The Flower Shop on Foxley St. is out this Wednesday.

When I entered the Prima magazine/Mills & Boon Flirty Fiction competition in January 2015, I had no idea that in summer 2017 I would be releasing book 2 in the series, and writing the next. The Chic Boutique on Baker Street was solely about two rival store owners in a small village originally, and then it grew from there.

Writing a series for me has been like writing a diary, a recollection of events that seem real about characters I feel I actually know. It struck me as odd sometimes when authors spoke of characters doing their own thing in their books, but I totally understand that now. Some characters, like the irrepressible Agatha Taylor (nee Mayweather) never shut up. She seems like the inner voice in my head now, and I wouldn't wish her away. I have written other novels that are separate to the Westfield series, but I must admit going back to Westfield feels a little like coming home.

Here are my top 5 tips for writing a series - I hope they help other budding authors out there!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Emma's Review: Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove by Sarah Bennett

Reviewed by Emma Crowley

A second chance by the sea?

When Kiki Jackson’s marriage falls to pieces, there’s only one place that she knows she can escape to – her sister’s little guesthouse in Butterfly Cove.

But she’s worried that turning up on bride-to-be Mia’s doorstep, especially with her two adorable children in tow, will spoil her sister’s imminent wedding plans!

Luckily, handsome neighbour Aaron Spenser offers to share his new cottage with Kiki until she’s back on her feet. And as the wedding draws closer, Kiki realises that Butterfly Cove may be offering her little family more than just a new home…

Maybe this is where her new life begins…?

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